Old versions must upgrade immediately: Cannot find Issuer or Too many certificates already issued

Since February 2024 Let’s Encrypt have changed their default certificate chain to the ISRG Root X1 root. Very old versions of our app (especially versions lower than v5.2 from 3+ years ago) will fail to build the PFX using this chain and you will first see errors like “Can not find issuer” then finally “Too many certificates already issued”

Please upgrade to the latest version (6.0.15 or higher) immediately or your certificate renewals will fail.

This problem is due to a limitation in the old version of the ACME library our software used to use. We recommend that you update Certify [SSL]Certificate Manager very frequently to avoid issues as the ACME certificate authorities can and do regularly change their API and system behaviors.

Once you have upgraded it may take up to a week for Let’s Encrypt rate limits to clear. The errors will automatically resolve themselves when the next renewal attempt is successful.

If you require an emergency renewal, either add any additional name or subdomain to your certificate e.g. renewal.yourdomain.com, or change certificate authority: Certificate Authorities | Certify The Web Docs

Please also note that Certify Certificate Manager is a commercially supported product. Funded organizations are expected to use the Community Edition only for evaluation and should purchase a license key for long term use and especially if you wish to directly contact our support helpdesk support {at} certifytheweb.com.