Param(s) not passing to PS7

Quick guidance would be appreciated. I am attempting to send the results of the certificate request via email and have written the script. The problem that I have is that the param($result) is not in the PS7 session. I have tested by using Get-ChildItem -Path Env: and none of the variables are there. The certificate does renew and appears to be fine. As a post generation task I then run Powershell 7 and launch the script. The Script works perfectly except for not being able to access any of the parameters. Can anyone please tell me what to look at as possible causes for the variables not showing? Need an idea as to where to look to troubleshoot this. Server is Windows 2022 and environment is Azure. Already checked and Param($result) is on very first line. guessing maybe security but system local account is being used by both the app and by the PS7 when launched. Please help. Thanks.


Powershell 7 isn’t directly supported in the app using the “Run Powershell script” task but you could have a script which in turn invokes pwsh with the $result param passed through. The powershell task built into Certify The Web will use the OS powershell (e.g. 5.1).