Password in SSL certificate

Is there a way to require a password for my certificates?
Can they be made with a password so that when installed a password is required to import?

Currently the password in the pfx is blank, however this feature is planned in the very near future (a default password and an optional per-certificate password).

Has this feature been added? If so, how do I set the password?

Hi, no the feature is not available yet but preliminary support was added to v5 beta yesterday and this will be released shortly.

There is still some work to be done to be able to choose the stored credential for the pfx password in the UI (we don’t use unencrypted passwords) and a testing phase for the feature.

In the current version (v4) you could optionally use scripting to re-import the PFX with a password using openssl etc but if it’s not urgent I’d wait for the feature in v5.

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