Per-certificate renewal interval

With the implementation of BuyPass Go SSL could you also add the possibility to set per-certificate renewal intervals? Now it’s a global setting, but BuyPass allows for 180 days while Let’s Encrypt only uses 90 days validity.

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Hi, I was wondering if this is somewhere on your to do list? :grinning:

As a workaround I could install a second instance of CTW for BuyPass certificates only, but would prefer to keep it all in 1 install.

Hi, yes this is in the latest version. You set the renewal mode to Days Until Expiry (instead of Days After Last Renewal), so 30 Days becomes a renewal attempt starting from 30 days before expiry.

Note that you can have different Certificate Authorities for different certificates, so you can set a preferred on at the Settings level, then set individual preferred ones at the individual Certificate > Advanced > Certificate Authority level. So there’s no need for multiple installs just to use different CAs.

Oh great! I completely overlooked that option :flushed:

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