Placeholders for Deployment Tasks

I’d like to use the Webhooks deployment task to send some details about the certificate renewal. Are there any placeholders/variables that can be used in that task type, so that I can put things like the status and new expiry date in the JSON that gets sent to the webhook URL?

Hi, yes we need to sort out docs for the webhook task. Variable are substituted in your Body content by matching with properties from the current CertRequestConfig, plus a few special variables specific to webhooks:

  "Success": "$Success",
  "PrimaryDomain": "$PrimaryDomain",
  "SANs": "$SubjectAlternativeNames"

So if you set the webhook method to Post, the body template you provide will be used with $Variable substituted for object properties. As such the object currently used for the Webhook variable substitution doesn’t contain the cert expiry. To have that you’d want to do your own Post to your webhook using a custom script (Powershell task), which to be honest is a much more flexible approach than the webhook task we currently have (it’s mainly there for compatibility).