PostGresql + Certify the WEB

Hi! Is there any tutorial, as well as for Unifi, describing exactly what we have to do for PostGresql to work on “Certify The Web”?

Follow tutorial for PostGresql with letsencrypt

PostGresql + letsencrypt

Example tutorial I would like (Unifi + Certify the Web):
Unifi + Certify the WEB

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I haven’t tried to setup a renewal for Postgres but if you get a certificate using Certify The Web you can then export the files for any service using the “Deploy to Generic Server” tasks (under the Tasks tab).

So start by getting a certificate:

  • New Certificate > Add your domain(s), configure the validation you need under Authorization. Http validation is easiest if the pubic IP address points to your server running Certify The Web, otherwise use DNS validation. Click “test” to check your configuration then “Request Certificate” to order your certificate.

Once you have a certificate, add a task to export the file you need:

  • Tasks > [Deployment Task] Add > Deploy to Generic Server, set the Task Parameters for the output files you want to have.
  • Save the managed certificate settings and click the :arrow_forward: button next to the task to run it and export the files.

Then configure postgres to use the files, it looks like that would be step 5 onwards of this tutorial: PostgreSQL SSL with Letsencrypt. Tutorial for setting up PostgreSQL… | by Pavel Evstigneev | Medium

Is postgres running on the same machine as Certify The Web or do you need to deploy using SSH etc?

You can also then add a Stop/Start/Restart deployment task under Tasks to restart to postgres service.

Thanks a lot. Postgres running on the same machine as Certify The Web.