Query timed out looking up A record since a day [Closed]

Since yesterday my domains are not correctly authenticated anymore with the following error:

2019-12-04 13:30:01.734 +01:00 [INF] Registering and Validating www.domainXXX.com 
2019-12-04 13:30:01.734 +01:00 [INF] Checking automated challenge response for Domain: www.domainXXX.com
2019-12-04 13:30:33.009 +01:00 [INF] DNS problem: query timed out looking up A for www.domainXXX.com

Any thoughts? When doing nslookup of my domain, it returns results without a problem. Sometimes instead of A-record also CAA-record is mentioned… where is it doing that DNS query and what might be the cause of the error? How can I increase logging to see what is the cause of this?



Hi Nika,

We do have a DNS check as part of the configuration tests but these don’t affect actual certificate requests (the toggle is under Settings). However this looks more like an issue with Let’s Encrypt being able to resolve your DNS.

According to their status page they are currently experiencing some issues and have some planned maintenance today: https://letsencrypt.status.io/

You can also use https://letsdebug.net to check your domain etc.

If the problem persists please provide full details in a support request to support at certifytheweb.com

Thanks webprofusion, it was solved after 2 AM (CET) last night… :+1: