Rackspace Cloud Load Balancer

Has anyone had any luck getting certs to deploy automatically to a rackspace cloud load balancer?

I don’t know anything about Rackspace but is there an API example somewhere for updating the SSL cert?

You need to write a script which runs as a Deployment Task in certify (most likely Powershell but you can call curl etc depending on the syntax you want). https://docs.certifytheweb.com/docs/script-hooks

Looks like this is the API: https://developer.rackspace.com/docs/cloud-load-balancers/v1/api-reference/ssl-termination/#update-ssl-termination-configuration

You’ll probably want to use the Deploy to Generic Server task or a combination of Export Certificate tasks to get the private key, intermediate cert and certificate pem files which you then need to send to the rackspace API to update your certificate using your own script.