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Is it possible to re-add an instance of CTW to the reporting dashboard? I deleted it because it was sending bad notifications - I had removed an alt name and it was unhappy about that. But I’d like the notification function to work, just not when it shouldn’t. How can I tell my local copy of CTW to add itself to my account dashboard again? Thank you for any help you can provide, and for your wonderful program!

Hi, you can edit C:\ProgramData\Certify\appsettings.json and set IsInstanceRegistered to false, the start the UI again.

Note that the dashboard doesn’t entirely (currently) control notifications, even if you are not using the dashboard what happens is:

  • If you have Enable Status Reports enabled under settings …
  • And you have Certificate > Advanced > General Options > Notify Primary Contact On Renewal Failure enabled …
  • The app posts a status report to our API, which in turn looks at how often the renewal has failed and decides if it’s going to send you an email (to the contact listing under Settings > Certificate Authorities within the app).

So you are app doesn’t need to be listed on the dashboard to still send status reports to the API, it’s just that they are discarded after being actioned, rather than being listed on the dashboard website.

You mentioned it was sending bad notifications, if you removed an alt name the most likely thing is you would get an email from Let’s Encrypt saying your old certificate (which included the alt name) was about to expire, this is controlled entirely by Let’s Encrypt and is absolutely nothing to do with Certify. These notifications go away after the cert expires (or probably if you revoke the original).

First, you are absolutely right, and I’m confusing notifications from Let’s Encrypt with notifications from your dashboard, and they are two different things. I’m a little embarrassed and a lot apologetic for any waste of your time.

Second, I was able to re-register following your directions. Thanks! Keep well…

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Awesome, glad you got it working :slight_smile:

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