Renew Letsencrypt from V1.9.1.1 to latest version in Windows SO

I have installed some certificates with Lets Encrypt v1.9.1.1 in my Windows Server 2012.
Today, after renewing process running. I got an error saying V1 was deprecated and I must migrate to the new version.
I wrote in the Letsencrypt community and someone recommended the Certify the web client.
I would like to know the steps to follow to migrate from my current deprecated version to this client. I have some scheduled tasks configured automatically to renew the certificates before the expiration.
Is it necessary to do some importing? Should I create new certificates since the beginning? What happen with the current certificates and scheduled tasks if I create new certificates with Certify the web?
I would like to know the correct process I should execute to continuing having letsencrypt.

Hi Ariel,

So you have a couple of options, one would be to upgrade your existing app (Let’s Encrypt Win Simple is now called win-acme GitHub - win-acme/win-acme: A simple ACME client for Windows (for use with Let's Encrypt et al.)), you would need to refer to their support forum for help with that.

We do also have some basic support for monitoring renewals from other certificate managers (some versions of win-acme, posh-acme etc), but we don’t offer any migration at this time.

Alternatively, you could move to Certify The Web. We don’t offer a migration tool so you’d need to setup new managed certificates in Certify The Web. Note that you can use both tools at the same time as long as it’s for different websites (you don’t want them competing to renew the same certificates). Unlike win-acme, Certify is a commercial tool with a support helpdesk ticketing system so although there is a free Community Edition it is limited to managing a small number of certificates before you need to upgrade.

To try out Certify The Web, setup a managed certificate for one of your sites and see how you feel about moving to the app, if it’s right for you then setup all of your managed certificates and disable your old letsencrypt-win-simple scheduled task. I’d recommend experimenting on a test system if you can so you can try out all the options without affecting your production system.

Certify works as a background service, so it doesn’t have any scheduled tasks to maintain.