Renew wildcard certificate - sitting at "Starting"


I am using version 4.0.8 and trying to renew a wildcard certificate. The cert was created a couple months ago using a beta version 4 and this is the first time I have to renew it.
The issue is that I clicked the Renew All button, and under the “In Progress tab” it’s just sitting at “Starting”
I tried first with the beta that I already had installed, then I upgraded to the current version 4.0.8 but the same issue persists. Any idea ?

Thanks !

Never mind, I found the log which tells me to create an acme challenge in the DNS

Interesting, so was this with the Manual DNS type dns challenge? It should tell you in the UI what to do next.

If you’re not doing it interactively and there is an email address set in the Authorization settings then it should even email you to tell you what dns change to make.