Renewal Issues with Certify DNS


I’ve been experiencing issues recently when using the Certify DNS service when renewing SSL certificates which are set to Certificate Store Only

I have deleted the certificate that I’m trying to have renewed entirely from the server (without revoking) and from Certify The Web - Then creating a new a certificate order with all domains required and all CNAME and TXT records for acme-challenge have also been removed.

Initially I thought this may of been an issue with Google Trust Services but had changed over to Let’s Encrypt and receive the same errors.

At the validation stage i shouldn’t this be requesting CNAME records to be added rather than TXT if Certify’s DNS service is in use ?


Many Thanks,

HI Rob, please send an email through with further details including your domain to support {at}

If you are using Certify DNS then you only need to create the CNAME it telss you to (which points to the certify dns record specific to you), you definitely don’t create any TXT records yourself and if you have any _acme-challenge text record that conflict then you should delete them.