Reporting Dashboard

I am thinking of using the reporting dashboard for my clients. In the beginning, I really only need 4 servers, so I was going to try your free offering. that said, I couldn’t find a way to add a site to reporting dashboard.

SO, I was suggesting you might create a new topic, or a new category for “Using the Dashboard”. In that category, you would have a:

  1. Getting started. This section would describe how you can get started by registering a new account. I can’t find any info on this, and when I go to the /registration page, it wants me to upgrade to professional or enterprise. That’s sort of amusing since upgrading would imply I have something in place to upgrade! Nowhere in the /registration page will it allow me to REGISTER!

  2. Once registered, how to add servers to the reporting dashboard. This is what started this suggestion, as I also see a checkbox to “Create a new account”, but no where can I find HOW to get this to succeed! In my case, I was hoping that by registering for this community, I could now add a server to the free dashboard using the registered email address, but this generates the error “Server registration could not complete”.

  1. Using the dashboard. (I can’t really comment here, since I can’t get past step 0.

  2. Upgrading your dashboard.

Thanks, yes we need to provide some help on that. The current dashboard is only at the ‘minimum viable product’ phase and just collects and displays renewal status reports across your collection of servers.

If your instance is already registered on the dashboard then the ‘Gettting Started’ page of the app only shows ‘View Dashboard’. If you still need to register the instance (or create an account) you will see a button ‘Add to Reporting Dashboard’.

To register, click ‘Add to Reporting Dashboard’, enter the email address and password you want to use, then check ‘Create a new account’. If you already have a profile on then just use your existing details (no need to create a new account).

You can then click the View Dashboard button to sign in the the dashboard site.


  • good point regarding registration, it was originally built for the purchase workflow.
  • your account is not linked to the dashboard/profile account, the community site is a discourse database and not connected at all to your profile. That would be great for the future though.

Right, that’s what I keep trying to do (click the create new account) but it always returns a small dialog box “Server Registration Could Not Complete”.

Could it be that your account already exists? Drop me an email at apps at with your details (with Certify Dashboard in the subject) and I’ll take a look.