Requesting SSL Help

I was referred to Certify The Web by a software vendor who needs a SSL for the program they use here locally. After an admittedly step learning curve on this, I have gone through the process to request the SSL. I am using a wildcard SSL with DNS authentication. I added the DNS challenge to my public DNS and I suppose it was OK as it started the process when I requested the certificate. I am getting the message: “Success Skipping Renewal, existing certificates are OK” under the 'in progress tab. . When I look at the Managed certificates from the main tab it shows ‘no current certificate’.

What is time line for getting the certificate? I was thinking when I saw the Success that I would have the SSL.

Thanks in advance

Hi, thanks that does sound unusual, can you try closing and reopening the UI?

Normally when a certificate renewal completes the updates status is streamed back to the UI and the managed certificate will then have a “Status” tab showing a summary of the managed certificate status/expiry dates etc.

Regarding the process you are using, the Manual DNS option is best avoided and should only be used for testing (because manual stuff is error prone and you need to repeat the work for every renewal), instead you should use an automated DNS update method for production certificates. The “Pause” step of this manual process may also have upset the UI update that should have happened.