$Result Structure

Is there a document that contain all the $Result variables

eg : ManagedItem.CertificatePath, ManagedItem.CertificateThumbprintHash, etc

Hi, our docs link to the source code which is this: ManagedCertificate class but really a lot of the information in that object isn’t that useful outside of the app, so we try to point out the most useful things under Scripting Basics: Scripting | Certify The Web Docs

And the actual $result object itself is this: certify/CertificateRequestResult.cs at development · webprofusion/certify · GitHub

That’s great

On a side note - are there company(ies) / person(s) that provide consulting services - am looking to better automate and integrate Certificate installation across a number of servers



None that I know of but if you can post a question here stating what you want to achieve I can provide some help.

Really any developer organisation familiar with powershell should be able to do it given enough time and testing resources. Broadly certificate deployment is about making the certificate available in the right place/format and then telling the app/service to use the latest file.

We have a bunch of built in deployment Tasks for common stuff but for advanced or less common things your own scripting is usually required.