Save .pfx file to custom location

I use a SIEM called Event Sentry and they have instructions on how to use Lets Encrypt (via win-acme) to issue an cert for the program.

Their KB looks pretty straight forward (How do I setup Let's Encrypt with the Web Reports? | EventSentry) and something I would think I could also do in CertifyTheWeb with the exception of saving the .PFX file in a custom location… I can’t seem to find that option anywhere.

Does CertifyTheWeb have this ability and if so where or am I going to be better off using win-acme instead?

I was able to get this working. Added a deployment task “Export Certificate” and then gave the task the following name “Deploy to EventSentry” and in the Task Parameters tab I set the file destination to “C:\Program Files\EventSentry\WebReports\conf\”.

From there updated the server.xml file for EventSentry per the above linked KB and restarted the service and tada I was in business.


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Awesome, yes so as you have correctly pointed out we do have that feature and using deployment tasks you can pretty much do anything (exporting in various ways, even deploying to remote servers etc).

Is EventSentry a Tomcat application? I wondered if renewals need a service restart when the cert is next renewed (those instructions don’t say). If it does, there’s a deployment task for restarting services as well if you need it.