Save renewals to a folder


Is there a way to save auto certificate renewals to a folder?


Hi Julian,

Certificates files are stored under C:\ProgramData\certify\assets and are also imported into the computer certificate store. If you need the certificate output to a specific path or in a certain format you can use one of our deployment tasks or a script:

If you just need a PFX file in a particular location you can use the “Export Certificate” deployment task, edit the output file name under Task Parameters. You can alternatively use the same task to output specific certificate components (such as the private key etc) in PEM format.

If you need all of the certificate components (chain, key) in PEM format then I recommend using the Deploy to Generic Server task and configure the output paths you want (fullchain.pem and privatekey.pem for example).

What service are you trying to use your certificate with?

We also have the Start/Stop/Restart task which can restart a service after you have copied your certificate where you need it.