Scheduling renewal?

We have CertifyTheWeb installed on a Windows 2019 server which handles our Remote Desktop Gateway… all of our users got booted off the server this morning and after investigating, it appears to be because the Certificate renewed at 9:30am. Is there a way to schedule this to happen during off hours somehow? I’m not finding the option, or a scheduled task that seems to coincide with this renewal.

Yes, if you are using v5.x onwards, you can set the Deployment Task (under Tasks in the latest version) to Trigger: Manual - this will show you the command you can run (from the C:\ProgramFiles\CertifyTheWeb working directory) as a scheduled task.

You can schedule that as a windows scheduled task for maintenance windows or just run it manually (which you can also do using the Play button in the UI). It will just apply the latest cert so it doesn’t matter when the cert actually last renewed.

By default deployment tasks happen when the cert renewal happens and these are performed by the background service, not a windows scheduled task.