Script for DNS update on


Do anyone know how to do the DNS validation update for

You may be able contact their support and ask them (looks like they have a SOAP based api?) how to script TXT record changes. Assuming you have the subscription level required they will probably help you, I assume. You’re looking for a way to script it using cURL or similar.

Alternatively check out the acme-dns API, you can either hsot your own acme-dns server or use the suggested default, then you create the CNAME it tells you to then continue the request.

I want to set up the ACME-DNS server. My network is a bit complicated and also, I don’t have any knowledge to set it up. If you can provide help, it will be great.

Do you know how to set up the Microsoft DNS API in Certify?

The Microsoft DNS API provider is user contributed so I’m afraid I can’t offer any help other than to fill out the parameters it asks for.

Regarding acme-dns the easiest way to get started with that is to point it at to try it out, if that works for you then you can invest time in getting acme-dns running using their instructions.