Script for DNS update on WIX

Hello everyone,

We need to set up an automated update method for WIX. Does anyone ever managed do to it?

Environment: Windows Server 2016 with the latest Certify The Web, currently working with manual DNS update mode.


Hi David, do you mean or something else?

Yes, it is the very popular

Thanks. it looks like they provide automated https directly:

We are using this already for the www records, but we have another DNS record pointing to internal resources.

That’s why we are using Certify The Web.

So, any script would be possible for it?

I’m sorry David, I was struggling to understand the question/problem. Are you using WIX to manage your DNS? I didn’t know they supported that and I thought your original question was how to update the ssl certificate for a wix site.

If so, no I don’t have any scripts for that and we don’t have support for WIX as a DNS provider however if you have access to an API that can be used with curl etc you can write a custom DNS script for the create and delete batch files and point to those.

One alternative is to try our latest beta version which supports ACME DNS servers as a DNS API.

When you use that the acme dns service asks for a CNAME to be created in your domain pointing to a TXT record managed by the acme dns server.

This means when we perform the DNS challenge it updates the acme dns server rather than your own DNS server. Some users choose to run their own acme dns server, others use the hosted one provided by that project:

We already have the SSL https certificate for the company’s website.

There’s another host ( pointing to 2 ip addresses from our network. We use this for RDWeb and other purposes.

We need a SSL certificate for this address. We already have it, but only manually renewed. The renewal process has to be automatic.

Does acme-dns run on Windows? Couldn’t find it.

I’m not quite sure if I understood the procedure,

Hi David, acme-dns runs on linux but they do provide a hosted version for you to connect to if you don’t want to run your own (we point to this version as the default). You’ dhave to try out the beta version of certify to access the feature and try it out.

As an alternative to acme-dns you can change DNS to a support DNS provider such as cloudflare or AWS route53.

Hello webprofusion and thanks for all the help.

Changing DNS is not an option at the moment.

Which approach would be easier? if acme-dns works like a ddns for our purposes, would be possible to use instead and then have a CNAME pointing to it?

Edit: updated to latest beta and I was able to create a certificate using acme-dns, which worked using CNAME. There are instructions regarding CNAME procedure? not even the log exposed details about it.

Certificate was generated, but not automatically installed on RDWeb, RD Gateway: they were still using the previous one. What are we missing to make it automatic?

Hi, the acme-dns support is still beta so the docs related to it are not yet available.

Regarding remote desktop services, you need to use a script to update the certificate these services are using. If you click ‘Show advanced options’ and select the Other Options tab there is a post-request scripting option to run a powershell script. we have some example scripts but you should copy and adapt these to suit your environment.

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