<ScriptBlock> Error Renewing a Certificate


I used Certify the Web for the first time and successfully generated an SSL certificate for Wing-FTP web UI. As of today, the certificate will expire in 19 days and today it has sent me an automated email to say that it has failed to renew on 9 tries.
I turned on Certify the Web and when I clicked on TEST, I got the following error:

Powershell/PoshACME DNS :: Error:
{“statusCode”:503,“type”:“Quota Exception”,“message”:“Failed.”} at Add-DnsTxt, C:\Program Files\CertifyTheWeb\Scripts\DNS\PoshACME\Plugins\Dynu.ps1: line 68
at ScriptBlock, No file: line 35

I opened Dynu.ps1, but there’s no mention of ScriptBlock there or anywhere else in the file.

It’s really too technical for me and I don’t understand any part of it, but would you please tell me how to fix it?



Hi Kenny, you need to contact Dynu support and ask them, the error message says you have exceeded your quota (for something).

Hello and thanks for your reply… I contacted Dynu and I expect a reply.

I received the following reply from Dynu:

“The error response associated with quota usually means that you don’t have
membership privilege which is needed to create more than certain number of
records or certain type of records. We encourage you to purchase membership
which costs only $9.99/year to resolve this issue.”

Regarding the number of records allowed: When I first learned how to use Certifiy the Web, I was receiving errors every time I clicked to generate a certificate, but not at all advised that a certificate was being generated every time anyway, regardless of the errors…
Now there are multiple certificates issued to to vipserve, but I only need one and that is the only one that now appears in Certify the Web to renew?

$9.99 a year is more that what one certificate would cost me for three years. At a certain period in time shouldn’t everything reset? Does that happen in 19 more days, when the certificate actually expires? What do you advise?

Looking at their pricing page they allow 4 custom DNS records: Membership - whether you hit that limit is entirely based on your usage of their service.

DNS is only used to validate your domain for your certificate (one record for each domain or subdomain is created, then later deleted), this only applies if you are using DNS validation (rather than http validation). DNS Validation (dns-01) | Certify The Web Docs

Perhaps you should just use a different DNS service? Cloudflare (for instance) is free and is well supported by Certify The Web.

Thanks, but it doesn’t look like Cloudfare offers domain names, like dynu.com. to which I added vipserve.dynu.com.


I took a closer look at the records in my Dynu account and it showed at least five old records on file that were being counted towards their limited number of records they allow in the free account.
I simply deleted all of them except the sub-domain name I need. As a result, Certify the Web now successfully renewed my SSL certificate.

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Great! Glad you got it working.