Server 2016 - MS RDP Gateway: Enable Cert

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I’ve got a Server 2016 RDS install I’m working on. I am able to get the SSL on IIS, but I am not having any luck getting the Gateway to pull the correct info to allow us in. We’ve tried the example import script MS RDP Gateway: Enable Certificate and one we found on the community site here.

Has anyone been successful with getting this script to work with Server 2016? I figured I would ask before going and buying a cert.

So there’s two parts to this problem, one is requesting the certificate and the other is deploying it (i.e. using it in various services).

I’m assuming you managed to get the certificate OK, but when you deploy it (using the script etc) RDP Gateway doesn’t pick it up.

Buying a certificate won’t solve any problems as certificates for domains are all the same (they just have different issuers/expiry dates).

Given a successful certificate request it should be stored on your server in ‘Manage Computer Certificates’ (or similar, under Personal). I haven’t administered RDP Gateway myself but the basic task seems to be to tell the service which certificate to use, then restart the server. If you are contemplating buying a certificate you probably have a standard way to apply that manually, you should instead investigate how certificate can be applied using powershell, so that it can be applied automatically whenever the certificate renews. You can then modify the Post-request script to your requirements.

Check out this thread as other’s have got it to work but it seems OS version dependant on what tweaks are required: Post-renewal script for binding new certificate to Remote Desktop Gateway

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Thanks for the response. I will read up on the link you posted. I was able to manually import the scripts to get everything working. I just need to figure out the next steps before renewal happens.