Server Connection Failed

I’ve been banging my head against the wall with this problem.

I successfully used certifytheweb to acquire a certificate and it bound to my site. However, I go to https://<> in my browser and it gives me a “Server Connection Failed” error (Firefox). If I use the internal https:/// address for the computer I can access the site, though it obviously gives me a warning, because it’s not using

I do have haproxy as a reverse proxy passing the ssl through to the backend, but as far as I can tell, the proxy is set up correctly.

Any help would be appreciated.

Hi, if you can email support at with the full details (I can’t check you domain unless you share the name!) I can check it from here.

The most common problem is that another IP specific ssl binding on the same server is taking priority.

On windows IP addresses can only have one ssl cert bound to port 443, unless you instead use a hostname and SNI binding instead (with no specific IP set). I’d guess that your new cert is SNI with a hostname (that’s our default in the app) and that you have en existing binding elsewhere stealing the IP/port. You can usually tell which binding it is because the invalid cert will say which domains it’s for when you click the lock icon in the browser.

Unfortunately I know nothing about haproxy (did you have to manually assign the cert to that to get it working? If so, how?) is it on the same server or a separate front end server?

You mention https://servername works. That sounds interesting, did you have to create self-signed cert for that already and if so how was it bound?