Showing Expired Too Early

I have a white label site that shows various sites based on the domain being accessed. I have setup multiple certificates for this site and all works well most of the time, but randomly, and what appears to be no reason at all a cert will show in the browser as expired even though it clearly shouldn’t be. Has anyone seen anything like this? My clients are getting frustrated and I have to go in and manually run a renew to make them work again.

Hi Jeremy,

This is not a known issue reported by any other users. It’s worth sending your log file for the affected managed certificate through to support at for review (with a description of the problem). Also double check that under Certificate > Advanced > General Options that ‘enable auto renewal’ is indeed checked. It should be by default.

Other things that can happen:

  • it’s not expired, it’s the wrong cert (the browser error says invalid name, not invalid date). This can especially happen if you have IP specific certificate bindings, which take priority over all other bindings.
  • You have some other relevant configuration (load balancing, multiple IP addresses for the same site etc)