Software update failed

Hi - I tried running the windows software update the other day, but it failed and offered me the option to roll back. So I did that, but now none of my certificates will renew and the software keeps crashing every time I try to send the error information from within the app.

Any tips? Can I remove and install again without losing my certificates? I have about 20/30 Setup I think.



Hi Dan,

Download the latest version from and run it manually. Your settings are kept in C:\ProgramData\Certify (which you should include in backups) so when you upgrade your settings are preserved there. If the problem persists please email support at with full details.

… and yes you can Uninstall through add/remove programs without losing your app settings.

Sorry, so should I remove and install? Or just try the fresh installer from the web?

Thanks for your help.

Assuming you’re just upgrading from 5.x (or 4.x) then just install the new version. If you were upgrading from a really old version (3.x or lower) then you’d want to uninstall first as they’re 32-bit and the new one is 64-bit.

While you’re at it., check there is plenty of disk space, you’d be surprised how many errors we see reported that are the result of 0 bytes disk space left :slight_smile:

Thanks, there’s not as much as I’d like, but there’s is about 4gb so think we should be ok here.

I think it’s a 4.x looking at the last installer on the server, but may be newer as may have done other updates since that download. Will get a fresh one downloaded and running now. Thanks

That’s sorted it. Thank you :slight_smile:

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