Specifying Auto Renew Date

In v4.0.12.0 you were able to “Configure Auto Renew” which essentially create a task scheduler task to launch “certify.exe renew” and it would renew all your certs.
In the latest version v4.1.4.0 this button no longer exists. And it seems per documentation that the background service just checks at some interval to auto-renew everything? Does this run daily at a specified time? Any way to configure renewal of all my certs on the 1st of the month? I was able to do this via task scheduler method above.

Thanks for any advice in advance.

Hi Andy,

No, the task scheduler has been deprecated in 4.x and the option is removed by default.

The background service will check for renewal jobs on an hourly basis.

The problem with the task scheduler is that it can’t retry after a renewal failure (which can be normal for various reasons).

One option you do have is to control deployment, so you could choose deployment to ‘certificate store only’, then on the first of each month have your own scheduled task to bind the most recent certificate in order of date created.