Still popping up the old cert

I have generated new cert using Certify for few of my sites. Certify itself did the SSL setup in the Bindings section, where as when I hit the domain it is still loading the cert of other domains.

After updating the cert performed below activities

  • Restarted the service
  • Restarted the IIS webserver

Still have the issue, please shed some light on this.

Please check the Preview section in certify to ensure that the preview shows it will update the correct bindings. The bindings are shown at the bottom of the preview page under the Deployment.summary.

If the site is serving a certificate for a different website then check you don’t have any SSL bindings setup in IIS which use an IP specific binding, Certify SSL bindings are normally SNI (with no fixed IP specified) as windows can only map one cert to one IP/port otherwise.

@webprofusion Thanks for the reply.

Actually after some deep investigation i did find that there are couple of sites hosted with bindings as Non SNI and are serving on the same Ip. I have changed the bindings of those sites to SNI then IIS is serving the right cert for all the domains.

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