Stop diagnostic check emails - no access to server

Unsure if this is a strange one,
We had a client move to a new MSP and still have Certify sitting on their server reporting at intervals about disk space etc.

Is there a way to tell Certify to stop sending alerts/reporting in general without access to that server?
Before I go creating a convoluted transport rule to block them :slight_smile:


Hi, we don’t have a great solution for that unfortunately, we can block your email address/domain in our notifications system and we might be able to block individual instances if we can figure out the instance ID.

Ideally you would ask them to update the contact email under Settings > Certificate Authorities as that will also be used (by the CA) when certs expire without being renewed etc. Obviously it would help if their MSP also freed up some disk space as the reporting limit is about 512MB!

If you just have no possible contact with them then we can look at blocking your domain instead.

Thanks for the reply!
Sorry I missed it before now.

Yeah, definitely agreed. There isn’t much of a relationship there unfortunately, but I’ll reach out to them.

I think worst case we will make a mail rule to block specifically for that one device so that any others continue to work :slight_smile:

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