Support of High Contrast theme in Windows client

Due to a rare retina disease I’m running all my electronic devices in night mode or equivalent with white/yellow letters on a black background. The white background overpowers the few rods and cones I have left in my retina and it takes me at least ten times as long to read black text on a white background. I have to read the text one letter at a time. If the font is small or grey than I can’t read it.

Unfortunately the Windows Certify the Web client does not support the High Contrast theme which switches the screens from black text on a white background to yellow text on a black background. Almost all Windows applications, including my VB 6.0 utility I started working on 20 years back supports High Contrast themes. It’s bacially a matter of using the current system colour codes for the text, backgrouind and so forth rather than hard coding white and black. Once you’ve figured out how this works in the Let’s Encrypt IDE it should just be be a simple repalcing of colour codes.

Or if anyone knows of any work arounds I’d sure appreciate it.

Hi, We do have a light mode and a dark mode theme, but not a high contrast one. Do you have a screenshot of the type of thing you need?

Theme settings are under Settings > UI Settings but are not configurable other than setting the main theme.

Note also that you can increase the UI size under the UI settings as well, which may help legibility?