Support PowerShell 7

We have some cert deployment scripts that are designed to run in PowerShell 7.x and can’t be run in PowerShell 5.x. We’d like to be able to select the PowerShell version that the script is run with in the Certify client. These scripts leverage the $result variables, so it’s not as simple as just doing a Run... and specifying the path to pwsh.exe.

Hi, we actually have a port of the core parts of Certify for Linux in the works and we will need PowerShell 7 there as well, so it will happen. In the meantime though I’d suggest as a workaround invoking PS 7 from a wrapper script, so:

C:\Program Files\PowerShell\7\pwsh.exe C:\scripts\your-powershell-script.ps1 $result
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Great! And good idea on the workaround - I never considered just calling it from PS5.

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