Tedium Eliminated

Certify the Web software made a Windows Server 2016 super-tedious job into a complete cake walk. Especially when you have 15 domains to deal with. Thanks guys.

The only suggestion I have is that you could also make a redirect rule for each site for http to https to finish the job off.

Thanks, automatic redirects is still a possibility but surprisingly it hasn’t come up very often. So far we’ve avoided adding web.config URL rewrite rules and left them as an exercise for the user for a bunch of reasons:

  • if we modify your web.config we’re on the hook if it breaks something
  • modifying the web.config on asp.net apps often causes an application pool reload and ends user sessions (depending on how session management is done)
  • some people would happily enable the feature without thinking about how it affects them (on a friday afternoon) then not know how to undo it.