The website root path for <site name> could not be determined

Hello everyone,

I am receiving the following error message when testing any certificate configuration:

The website root path for <site name> could not be determined.

How do I enable verbose logging so that I can see more than just “One or more tests failed” in the log file?

I believe this is likely a NTFS permissions issue, but I cannot find any documentation detailing the file system permissions required.

Thank you.


Hi Rob, I’ve replied to your email. I was asking whether your IIS Site ID could have changed (through re-creating your IIS site?). There’s also the question of are you running as a default config or not? The background service runs as Local System to avoid various permission issues, sometimes Systems permission has been removed but it’s unusual.

Can you please post the solution to this in the forum? I’m having the same issue. My IIS Site ID has not changes and permissions are correct.

HI, try editing your managed certificate, select a different IIS site then re-select the correct IIS site. I suspect somehow the Site ID is incorrect. If that doesn’t work manually set the Authorization > (http-01) Site Root Directory root path to the base directory (such as C:\inetpub\wwwroot\examplesite

Note that the SiteID and path are not important unless the app needs to use IIS as a fallback for http validation, but an invalid value will cause the Test option to fail. By default the app uses a temporary http challenge server instead so the website root path is not important in that case.