Transfer app configuration

Is it possible, and what would the steps be, to transfer the configuration (not the output) to a different server? I’m using the app with no deployment, and then manually processing the pfx for our needs, however I would like this to run from a different machine other than where it is now, and would like to avoid setting everything up again.



Unfortunately there is currently no supported way to do this.

As for the unsupported way (if you break it, you bought it), you can try it but you should be prepared to set up the app again instead. If you only have a few managed certificates then starting again is the preferred option.

On the new pc/server:

  • install Certify The Web as normal, stop the Certify background service and close the UI
  • copy C:\programdata\certify from the old server to the new machine
  • delete reg_1 file if present
  • edit appsettings.json
  • Start the Certify background service again and start the UI.

If you are using DSN APIs with credentials you will need to replace these credentials (under Settings) as the previous one will be encrypted at machine level and the new server will not be able to decrypt them.

If you did have any IIS sites then you would also have to preview each site to ensure the binding updates were going to happen as expected, otherwise set deployment to Auto (not relevant in your case).

Regarding manual processing of the PFX, I would recommend using the Scripting option to remove manual steps if you can (