UI Starts but doesn't show

Started the app (like I’ve done many times before) and it shows the splash screen but the UI doesn’t show. It’s in the task bar, if I select it, nothing.

I’m running the latest version (although it did this before I updated to the latest).

Service is running, config for it looks good.

Any ideas?

Never mind, for whatever reason, it wasn’t showing. I unplugged my monitors and just had the laptop screen it was there. I maximized it, then plugged in the monitors and it is accessible (unfortunately after a re-install). Never had this problem with any other apps, seems like there is something weird about the window position.

Thanks, we do remember the screen position on close/startup and we try to detect if the screen is now less wide and therefore we need to reset the position of the window. We don’t currently dynamically re-position the window if you plug/unplug monitors though so you’d generally need to close the app (alt+f4) and re-open it for us to detect the screen dimensions had changed. There could well a bug or edge case that we’re not coping with.

You mentioned a re-install but by default that wouldn’t clear our app settings (ui.json under C:\ProgramData\Certify would be the file to delete) so unless you also deleted those file then re-installing was not a factor.

Yeah I’ve run into this a few times now. It seems to resolve after messing around with the monitors. Ultimately I unplugged one of them, it then appeared on the other, plugging it back in made it disappear. So I unplugged it again, moved it to the laptop screen and was good.

I think this is dejavu for me, because I’m almost thinking I posted about this 9 months ago :slight_smile: I just have to remember it now.

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