Unable to Generate SSL Certificates Even After Purchasing Certify The Web License


I recently encountered an issue where I generated more than 5 SSL certificates without a license, which caused me to hit the rate limit imposed by Let’s Encrypt. Realizing that I had too many certificates, I deleted them all. However, when I attempted to generate new certificates, the API informed me that I could not issue any more due to the rate limit.

In an urgent bid to resolve the issue, I purchased the basic license for Certify The Web for €55, hoping it would allow me to generate the necessary certificates for my websites. Despite the purchase, I am still unable to generate new certificates and am met with the same rate limit error, which states I have created too many certificates.

I am confused about the utility of the license if it does not permit the creation of more certificates or more frequent requests. Am I misunderstanding the purpose of the license? I am now stuck in a situation where I have to wait, and my websites are non-functional without the SSL certificates.

Can anyone advise on what steps I should take next to resolve this issue? Any help would be greatly appreciated as I need to get my sites back up and running as soon as possible.

Thank you!

Certify Certificate Manager is the software used to order and renew certificates from a Certificate Authority of your choice (e.g. the default is Let’s Encrypt). Certificates from free CAs are free regardless of which tool you use. The app will specifically warn you if you repeatedly try to request the same certificate that you will hit CA rate limits.

When you purchase a license for Certify Certificate Manager you are unlocking the ability to manage unlimited numbers of certificates in the app. If there is confusing language on our purchase page we need to refine please point it out to us.

Certificate Authority rate limits still apply - we are not a certificate authority.

If you purchased something you don’t need you can request a refund via support.

As a customer, if you have a problem (especially an urgent one) you can contact support {at} certifytheweb.com for advice - you don’t need to post here as this is the community support forum and is mainly aimed at users on the free version who don’t need urgent support. Urgent support is not provided via this forum.

We can discuss via a support ticket if you contact us, but for urgent rate limited renewals you can:

  • add another valid subdomain to your list of identifiers in the certificate, then the CA won’t consider your certificate a duplicate
  • use a different certificate authority: Certificate Authorities | Certify The Web Docs
  • when you complete a certificate request the PFX files are stored in the machine certificate store, so you can manually edit your IIS binding and point it to one of the valid certs you presumably already have

Alternatively if you wait until later today the error message says you can try again after the given date/time.