Upload an SSL certificate to a printer (Epson)

I am trying to figure out a way to upload SSL/TLS certificate to printers. Has anybody ever tried?

I don’t know much about printers but google suggests that the only supported way to do it is manually via the device admin web page. If so I’d suggest using a BuyPass Go certificate as these expire after 180 days instead of Let’s Encrypts 90 days.

If you could figure out SSH access then perhaps you could use that instead.

I’m looking at http://support2.epson.net/manuals/english/spc/l1455/pdf/npd5481-00.pdf

The certs generated by Certify are PFX (PKCS#12) by default but if that doesn’t work you can use the certificate export task or the Deploy to Generic Server task to get the files as components.


I did find a Python script that looks like it’ll do the trick…

Nice, so that’s a web login (to get a session cookie) then a form post to submit the cert changes. You could do the same in powershell but python will work fine and you can call a python script automatically in a deployment script task, that way it will run directly after the cert renews.

Note that in the unlikely event that the epson web ui gets significant updates you’ll need to revisit your script to make sure it still works.