V4.1.6 using ACMEv2?

I’m using v4.1.6 but when renewing certificates I receive a email later from Let’s Encrypt that it was renewed using the ACME v1 protocol. Looking at the change log for CTW, ACMEv2 support has been in the software since 2018. So any ideas why v1 is being used, and how can I change to v2?

Hi, V4.x only uses ACME V2.

You are receiving an email from Let’s Encrypt either because:

  • you have an older certificate you have not yet renewed
  • or because they just haven’t realized you’ve upgraded (because the upgrade also recreates your account with them).

If all of your certificates are now being managed by v4 of the app there is nothing more that you need to do.

I’m getting a similar email about needing to update to ACME v2. I’ve been using Certify SSL/TLS Certificate Manager [Community Edition] v., which has been auto-renewing my certificates for almost 2 years flawlessly. I’ve been a little reluctant to update it for fear of breaking something. :slight_smile: Couple questions:

  1. Does the certificate manager update automatically? The reason I ask is because I actually thought I was on an older version before I looked just now.

  2. If I click on “Update Available”, in theory, should it bring me up to date to the latest version without breaking anything?


Hi, there is a new update just out (v4.1.7). v4.x has been stable for about a year and this release includes some enhancements in response to recent changes by Let’s Encrypt.

v3 is the 32-bit version, so you may be prompted to uninstall the old version first. Uninstalling or upgrading does not remove your settings (these are kept under C:\ProgramData\Certify, so it’s good to backup that location). Once you have completed the upgrade you should of course check that your certificates renew normally with the newer version.

Regarding breaking things, some people have some pretty unusual configurations so I don’t make promises but that said, many many thousands of users have upgrade before you.

A good strategy for cautious updating is to check the progress of updates (v5 will be released soon) then wait for changes to settle down, eventually though important stuff changes (like the Let’s Encrypt API) and we need to keep up with those to ensure the app keeps working.