V5.5.x out now - Features and Fixes

The new version 5.5 is out now with a bunch of enhancements and fixes. The most noticeable is probably the new summary view (especially if you have any failing renewals to track down).

We also have SSL.com supported as a new built-in ACME CA, plus new compatibility updates for an upcoming major new ACME CA (to be announced).

RSA Key Sizes can now be adjusted under Certficate > Advanced > Signing & Security

5.5.1 : 2021/07/22

  • Enhancements:
    • UI: Start page updates, confirm re-request of certificates to avoid CA rate limits.
    • Core: Logging improvements
  • Fixes:
    • Tasks: Powershell task validation no longer treats inaccessible file as invalid.
    • Test: Http validation check won’t error if IIS not installed.
    • UI: Fix images in quickstart guide

5.5.0 : 2021/07/19

  • Enhancements:
    • UI: New Summary pane on startup shows filterable counts of managed certificates by health category
    • CLI: New JSON output for list option, new option to add managed cert from a JSON template
    • Tasks: New options for PowerShell and Script tasks to optionally run as new processes
    • CAs: Add SSL.com to the list of built-in ACME Certificate Authorities
    • CSRs: Add support for various RSA key sizes
    • Renewals: Preference can now be either N days since last renewal or N days before expiry date.
    • Misc: Add update check cleanup for old setup files
    • Misc: Add default cleanup for old certificate file assets
    • Misc: Service will perform diagnostics and report if machine is running low on disk space etc. A notification will be sent to the default CA contact.
  • Fixes:
    • UI: Fix issue with multiple new DNS authorization configs incorrectly copying parameters
    • DNS: Fix for Cloudflare DNS provider updating existing TXT records.
    • CLI: Fix for renew-all-due option attempting too many items.
    • Core: Fix exception reading config for external cert managers
    • Core: ACME compatibility fixes to support more ACME CAs
    • Core: Ensure all auth challenges submitted even if cert order has already failed, to help with auth rate limiting.