Validation Path Issue - Github and SmarterASP.Net

Hello Everyone.

I’m trying to find a new and improved method of SSL management for my company, and Certify The Web looks like the best choice. I am on the domain validation step.

I’ve added the well known/acme challenge folders to the lowest level of my site, but I’m getting the following error:

The website root path for hpdevelopment could not be determined. Request cannot continue.

I assume there is some kind of file path mapping issue arising from redirection between Smarter ASP.Net, which is too bad because it looked like I could easily add the necessary folder to the website just on Github.

HenryPorterGithub/Developer-Portfolio [cannot post link, is googleable]
I think the folder is correctly placed here

Does anyone know what path I should use?

So is this a site that’s hosted in web hosting space on a server you don’t have remote desktop access to? Certify The Web is designed to run on the actual server itself.
Your website appears to be html rather than server side generated, so you could just host it with GitHub pages for free, they then sort out the certificate on their side automatically. That’s what we use for (because it’s easy to publish and others can directly contribute on GitHub).

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Thanks for the reply.

I went with Github Pages SSL for my own websites, which is just a checkbox.

At work I have direct access to the hosting server so I’ll try Certify The Web here. We were able to use RapidSSL’s

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