VMware Horizon View 8

Hello Forum,

I have setup VMware Horizon View 8 at home lab. It consists of the following:

1 Connection Server - Standard
1 Connection Server - Replica
1 Composer Server

As of now, I am using self signed certificate from Internal CA. I would like to install your software and generate new SSL certificate for Connection Servers.

My Question is

  1. Do, I need to install the software (CertifyTheWebSetup_V5.1.2.exe) on both the servers and generate SSL certificate?
  2. Is it possible to generate wildcard certificate (*.ramlan.ca) and use it for both the servers?

Appreciate your help.


P.s: This is home lab setting for learning, testing, deployment and configuration purpose only.


I don’t actually know what the answer is - it depends on how vmware looks for the certificate.

Here’s a user-submitted scripting example that updates the certificate on the same server that Certify is installed on (this example also sets the cert friendly name to ‘vdm’, which may or may not be required):

To generate a wildcard cert instead of using specific hostnames, add *.ramlan.ca to your cert and use DNS validation.

Thank you webprofusion. I will generate certificate using the software and then run the sample script you shared above to rename the certificate as vdm.

Yes the certificate friendly name has to be vdm for Horizon View 8 to work properly.

Will test the script this weekend and update later.