Web sites are frustrating and inconsistent

In the end, I got the site to accept my registration. But as you can see below in my original message it was not easy. I have no idea why the site started behaving itself.

I tried to upgrade. It made me register. The registration page errored out when I submitted it. So I signed up as a new user first. Would not send an email to my in house mail server. In fact, it would not even contact it according to my logs. Had to use GMail. Why? When I signed out and came back minutes later, it would not accept my credentials. No mistakes in them. I use Lastpass to make sure of that. OK, use the forget password from the main sign logon, send to Gmail. Click the link back and enter the new password it seemed to have forgotten. Tells me that my new password is the same as my current password. Huh? Enter a new password and end up in the community. Not where I logged into. Try to go back to main site from community… couldn’t find a link in community to go back. Just erased the subdomain. Hm… not logged in? Try to log in with same credentials. No go. ?? Tried with email and user name. OK logs me in and throws me
back to community. Log out. Try to log in again directly to community. No go. ahh… put in user name instead, Now it works. I get it… the main site wants an email for user name but doesn’t remember my password and the community wants a user name but at least remembers my password but logging into one doesn’t keep the user logged in to the other. Really?

1/2 hour at least wasted and no closer to purchasing the software.

Time to leave this message to you. Want to sell software or drive people crazy?? You choose.

Hi Steven,

Thanks very much for raising the registration issue, from our exception logs it appears to be something to do with the password confirmation input being null so I’ll investigate that. Weirdly it’s been stable for a very long time.

The community.certifytheweb.com forum is using Discourse and is not currently a Single-Sign-On integrated into the profiles of the main certifytheweb.com, so the username and password you use are different/unrelated. I’ll see if we can add a message somewhere to explain that.

p.s. I do completely agree that the different accounts between the website and the forum are a source for confusion, so it’s something we need to fix.

The text prompts on the login and signup screen of the community have now been updated to explain that there’s a difference between your certifytheweb.com dashboard account and the community forum account.

Thank you for listening!

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