What to do next on In Progress page when requesting one certificate for multiple wildcard domains

I’ve add 4 wildcard domains and 4 corresponding root domains and select dns-01 and (Update TXT records manually) as verification method. I’ve clicked Request Certificate button and now it’s stopped at In Progress tab.

I’ve add all 8 _acme-challenge TXT records via web interface of DNS provider, but it needs several hours to be propagated. What to do next when it’s done?

You don’t have to wait for propagation if your nameservers have all updated as Let’s Encrypt will check those directly.

To resume your request go into the individual managed certificate and click Request Certificate again to resume the request. It will then ask Let’s Encrypt to validate that the dns challenges have been completed.

What dns provider are you using? Switching to a provider with a supported API would be a lot less work than the manual DNS method especially if you have several domains.

Thanks, I’ve successfully got the certificate.

The DNS provider I used is not listed and didn’t offer any API. :persevere: