Where are the logs?

I’ve reviewed the website and this forum but not found an answer to this question:

I want to review the history of certificates CtW checked and attempted to renew in the last 90 days. Can anyone confirm if a log of this activity is kept and where?

Each managed certificate has it’s own log file. These are kept under C:\ProgramData\Certify\logs and you can also view each individual log from the Open Log File button.

The session.log also has some high level activity info.

In addition you can register your instance to the certifytheweb.com dashboard to have an overview of certificate statuses as/when they are renewed.

You can optionally perform custom scripting or call webhooks on success/failure.

Regarding renewal failures, by default failures will be reported to our API (if Status Reporting enabled under Settings) which in turn will email you - based on the email address under Settings - if/when problems occur.

I found the Open Log File button, thank you for confirming.

Incidentally, my installation of CtW does not have the folder: C:\ProgramData\Certify\logs
Image 613

Though the logs are viewable through the UI - could this folder have been placed elsewhere?

ProgramData\Certify is not the same as Program Files\CertifyTheWeb.