Wildcard certificates

The application does not support wildcard certificates? Or need some advanced configuration?

If does not support wildcard certificates… Did you expect to add this feature in a future update?

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Yes, it does support wildcard certificates if you use DNS validation, did you have a specific question about wildcards? Have you tried to create a wildcard yet?

Check out docs.certifytheweb.com

I don’t have access to the DNS server, just have access to the server where are installed the sites. And as I understood to request a wildcard certificate, I need to have access to the DNS server, right?

So, for now I will create a certificate for the main domain and for the 2 subdomains.



Btw: This application is really great!

Thanks Rui, the Certificate Authority (Let’s Encrypt) sets the limitation for wildcards, in their case they do require that you use DNS validation for wildcards - it’s not something we require, it’s just a Let’s Encrypt rule.