Wildcard DNS Question V4

Hi I use Google Domains as my registrar - but I also use Azure.

If I don’t want to go down the faff (and arguably extra cost) of pointing my domains to Azure DNS nameservers, I assume I can still use Certify with DNS however it will not be automated? I just have to manually set up the TXT record on Google Domains and update the challenge value every time I need to renew the certificate?

Is this correct?


@Lydecker yes, with v4 you can use the manual DNS option, the current beta doesn’t email you to tell you that you have DNS changes to make but it will do eventually. So you mainly need a batch file to create a DNS TXT record (see https://github.com/webprofusion/certify/tree/development/src/Certify.Shared/Scripts/DNS) which you would have to create yourself. I believe there is a gcloud command (https://cloud.google.com/sdk/gcloud/reference/dns/) and you can use https://cloud.google.com/sdk/

interesting - didn’t know there was an SDK for Google Domains!