Windows 10 and limitations

Dear all,
the software is made for Windows server systems. I’m using Windows10 Pro as a web server for private tasks. On my testing virtual system the software seems to be working with Windows 10 and IIS without any problems. Are there any problems known, running Certifytheweb on a non-server Windows system, especially Windows 10 Pro?

I’ve read that there are limitations with respect to the number of domains using an unregistered version of Certifytheweb. What is the maximum of domains (incl. subdomains) an unregistered version can handle? 10-15 (incl. subdomains would be ok for my tasks).

Thank you for your help.


The software is developed on Windows 10 Pro and there are no special limitations related to Windows 10.

The standard free limit is currently 10 managed certificates (each managed certificate can contain up to 100 domains/subdomains), it will start to nag you about registering after about 3. In the future we may increase this or remove the hard limit completely.