FTP SSL Settings

Is it possible through certifytheweb to renew the certificate for FTP SSL. Have to do it manually each time after certificate renewal for my domains. I am looking for a similar function like ”deploy to remote access services”. Otherwise a powershellscript to run after certificate deployment. Anyone know about such a script ?

Hi, we added (IIS) FTP binding support in v5, are you looking for something different? If it’s for IIS you should be able to see your ftp site in the list of host names for your selected IIS site, unless your ftp site and website share the same hostname.

So for example, if I have a site ftp.projectbids.co.uk with both an ftp and http binding in IIS, the app will automatically maintain the following bindings (see the bottom of the Preview tab):

It does not seems to show like that on my end as well

how do I get that deploy table with the ftp binding?
using for now

The deployment preview is shown in the Preview tab of your managed certificate (scroll down for deployment info). If no binding deployments are shown then nothing will be updated. Generally this means your existing binding do not have an appropriate hostname set, so the auto deployment can’t match the certificate against that site.