Using the Free Edition but got e-mail saying my license key will expire

I just got an e-mail from Certify the Web. Not sure if it is a phishing e-mail though, because I’m using the free edition. The e-mail states that my license key will expire in 30 days. I don’t understand how that would apply to the free edition or what steps to take. Is Certify no longer free?

You have enabled Certify DNS (which is a managed acme challenge service) in your account and the free trial for that has expired.

If you are not using Certify DNS (you’re probably not) then sign into your account and on the License Keys tab click Cancel Now next to the Certify DNS license key. You will then stop receiving emails about it.

I was forced to enable that last spring when the old method of validating my DNS failed to work or was deprecated. I have NameCheap DNS.

No problem, if you’re not using it now (because you’re using NameCheap) then you can cancel it.

But Namecheap’s old method was deprecated and I was told to use this new DNS to validate.

Hi Mark,

I’ve extended your Certify DNS license key for 6 months, it’s not a free service because it costs us to run the multiple servers + various cloud services per month to host and manage that service. I can’t seem to find a thread where I recommended Certify DNS to you but please do point me to that if you can find it as well as I’d be interested in knowing how I phrased the advice to you, in case I gave the wrong impression on costs.

The last thread I can see on the topic was for Namecheap and you said you’d got it working using the non-deprecated Posh-ACME version of the provider: Certify SSL Manager - Renewal Failure Notice - #5 by webprofusion


From what I can tell, it looks like I am using Posh-ACME at the moment. So does that mean I don’t need the license key absolutely now?


Yes, you’re using the Posh-ACME based Namecheap provider, so that would mean you’re not using Certify DNS, unless you have another managed certificate for a different website etc.

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Thank you. Yes, all my domains are using the same method, so I guess I can delete the other service when it expires next month.