Version 5.1.x (Release Candidate) testing

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  • Custom CSR (useful for SAP Netweaver and many other servers) and Custom Private Key support
  • RFC2136 DNS validation support via Posh-ACME and nsupdate
  • New Hashicorp Vault deployment task.
  • New Settings UI, including options to Enable/Disable preview features
  • (Preview): Specify custom PFX password (stored credential)
  • (Preview): Custom CA Editor
  • (Preview): Import and Export Migration Tool - prepares a bundle of settings and files for deployment to another server, or for backups.


  • DNS plugins are now dynamically loaded, allowing custom plugins (contributed by
  • CSV import now accepts ‘auto’ site id for auto deployment
  • New Tasks tab (previously under Deployment) to highlight Tasks feature
  • SSH/SFTP tasks now accept hostname:port to allow for custom ports.
  • Licensed installs can now deactivated from the UI (for decommissioning or license key changes).


  • Changes to authentication for network file copying tasks and Powershell to aid with domain/network authenticated tasks.
  • Certificate export updates and fixes
  • Misc fixes and refinements
  • SimpleDNS fix

Update: This version has now been released.

(Preview): Specify custom PFX password (stored credential)

I can’t seem to get this to work. I’ve enabled the option in the Settings, and it refers to the Advanced tab of the Certificate page, but when I go there, I don’t see anything that allows me to choose a stored credential or set a PFX password. Am I missing anything?

Thanks no, it’s a UI bug. This will be fixed in the next update shortly.

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